Differences between a Résumé and a CV

Differences between a Résumé and a CV 

The basic differences between a résumé and a CV are that of their length, purpose and layout. A Résumé is a brief summary of one's education, skills, experience and professional background in not more than a couple of pages. It emphasizes on the skills which are  most relevant to the job applied or to be applied. While a CV or Curriculum Vitae is a long, detailed record of one's educational qualifications, experiences and achievements that may stretch beyond two pages.
A résumé is customised in accordance with a specific job position and keywords are taken care of for each unique job. Résumés are usually written for all kinds of jobs, even industry-bound. On the other hand, a CV ensures a comprehensive overview of one's professional/academic history and remains static. It implies that a CV is updated only when a new accomplishment is to be added and is mostly written for job application in academia. 
A résumé, preferred by the freshers, comprises a number of pointers namely contact details, objective of the résumé, work experience, education, skills and additional information that may include awards, honours or publications if any. The contents of a CV have a wider range as it includes academic qualifications, work experiences along with non-academic work history, research projects, publications/dissertations, conferences/seminars/workshops attended, honours/awards, grants received, professional affiliations (as membership of any academic forum)if any and hobbies and other skills (can be languages and such pursuits) and opted by the experienced candidates.


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