It's the time to enrich our knowledge.

It's the time to enrich our knowledge. 

In this modern world, our humdrum existence can be defined as a race against time where we are in an endless pursuit of executing our routine works, catering to the needs of our families, fulfilling our job targets and trying to fit it all within the limited twenty four hours of a day. Ironically, it seems as if we spend more time in public transport stuck in a busy traffic than with our family members. So amidst this time constraint, we hardly get any opportunity to nurture our inner passion or desire to enrich our knowledge through the exploration of the unknown. This has lead to the stagnation of our intellectual emancipation.

We often surrender before this trying situation turning a blind eye to the silver lining present in form of several online courses promising endless opportunities  through which we can enhance our knowledge base by utilizing those hours stuck in bad traffic productively by  going through the plethora of new information that internet provides us.

Irrespective of the fact that online courses and virtual classrooms often lack the charm of real life interactive classrooms yet they offer wide range of scope in augmenting our knowledge, helping us understand novel ideas through assignments and tests and all these are available in limited internet data as well.

Even premier institutes of the world like Stanford University, Oxford, MIT, Harvard, University of Illinois amongst others are lending a helping hand to us through their short term online courses on emerging topics. All we need to do is just sort our priorities and grab these opportunities so that our intellectual expansion does not get hindered. It is our individual enrichment that shall further contribute in the enrichment of the society and our country as a whole.

Dr. Bhaswati Mitra
Controller of Examinations
Techno India University,WB
Ex Controller of Examinations, IIEST Shibpur


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