What is Chemistry?

CHEMISTRY is C (Carbon) H (Hydrogen) and E (Energy) and to understand the MISTRY (Mistery) between them. In general, it is a branch of science that helps us to understand the relationships between one matter with other matters and with energy. The definition of this word may be simple but the understanding is not. It deals with matters - all earthly matters. That includes all the things in our surrounding that has mass and takes up space - that is anything that is physically real.
Chemistry helps us to and study matters- what it consists of, it's properties and how it changes and why it changes. Conventionally Chemistry is divided in four parts, i.e. Inorganic, Organic, Physical and Analytical Chemistry. But in reality, it has only qualitative and quantitative division. There is no distinction between the inorganic, organic, physical or analytical portion of chemistry.

Dr. Arunabh Sengupta
Research Coordinator,
Techno India University, West Bengal,
Post Doctoral Fellow, IIT Kanpur


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