What are employability prospects of a fresh engineering graduate?

New avenues have opened up for engineering graduates but they need to arm themselves with additional skills beyond those acquired directly in their core area. Engineering concepts and practices from design and system engineering, ability to design experiments, model real life systems, optimize resource utilization and performance, have a long shelf life. Certain additional skills are now a part of every engineering profession, such as a) proficiency in analytical thinking, b) ability to collect, process mine data for information extraction - domain of data science, c) programming skills in a few languages such as java, python, MATLAB, d) acquire soft skills in verbal and written communication, and e) ability to function in the role of a solution provider. If the provision for learning these is not included in the curriculum, then you need to find alternate sources that impart quality training and certification, such as NPTEL, MOOCS, Coursera and acquire them. Those interested to move to CSE and IT after bachelor’s also have the option of joining graduate programs in these areas from institutions in India and abroad. For a candidate with the requisite skills and confidence, the employability prospects of any engineering gradate is promising, not only in their core area but also as data analysts in finance and IT sectors.

Dr. Anjan Sarkar,

Department of CSE, Techno India University, WB,

Ex Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT)


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