Significance of developing Internet infrastructure for our future world.

Significance of developing Internet infrastructure for our future world.

We are well acquainted with the proverbial saying, “Necessity is the mother of Invention” which conveys the idea that dire need  fuels innovation. This saying comes to life when we take into account the tumultuous  situation of  the World War II that had aroused the realisation  regarding the pressing need of development of communication technology, and it was during that crisis period, that the world had witnessed new innovations in the field of communication. Much like that, the recent outbreak of Covid -19 has not only immersed the world in a harrowing anguish and misery, but has also ushered in new challenges for survival. In this situation, to evade complete stagnation, professionals of various sectors have resorted to the novel ideas of using the online platform for their assignments. By virtue of which we are experiencing countless innovative ways of using the virtual medium  to work from home and this has shown us one of its brighter side as well.

The concept of lockdown and quarantining of individuals has restricted human movement, thereby, bringing human life to a standstill, yet it has drastically reduced pollution level in our cities. According to analysts across the globe, this has enabled nature to heal and regain its lost glory. This drop in pollution level has bestowed upon us the ability to relish the free gift of nature – seeing the clear blue sky, listening to the chirping of the birds, witnessing the uninterrupted interaction of the different elements of nature that often go unnoticed.

This chain of changes in our natural world and the professional world, has brought about a transformation in our existence along with technological enhancements and has opened new windows of opportunities for exploring the virtual medium. However, for its successful implementation, we have become totally dependent on electricity and internet facility that serve as the backbone of the alternative mode of instruction. Very soon, concealed wiring for steady internet services, will become a prerequisite for this virtualisation. It might be even apprehended that in the near future, all the necessary electrical gadgets will be regulated virtually, thereby, enhancing our dependence on internet and virtual  medium.

In the field of academics, we have noticed that these lockdowns have promoted the concept of conducting online classes. Several prestigious institutions are relying on virtual classes to help their students with continuing  their lessons amidst this chaotic situation of the pandemic. These online interactive classes enable the teachers to monitor their students, share essential academic details, using audio-visual media, interacting with them with the help of probing questions, clarifying their doubts and explaining any topic through interactive teaching-learning procedure. These interactive sessions alone define the success of online classes using virtual medium.  However, these entirely depend on steady internet services, thereby, again establishing the importance of communication technology and virtualisation in the field of academics. In the current era of globalization, the world is a smaller place, and the development of communication technology has made  sharing of knowledge, possible in a jiffy. Academicians  from different parts of the world can collaborate with each other and share their ideas globally. This combined knowledge sharing via the virtual platform shall certainly contribute to global growth as well. Another budding concept which shows great promise is the concept of virtual laboratories, the success of which again relies on uninterrupted internet facility.

These factors lead us to the perception that in the near future, Internet facility shall become one of our vital necessities for survival and might need the government’s intervention in monitoring proper distribution of internet data. This would revolutionise the academic as well as the industrial world significantly. Irrespective of all the drawbacks and loopholes that come alongside this novel idea, it is the collective hard work and contribution of one and all that shall successfully establish this virtual platform and open up a plethora of new opportunities to explore the unknown.

Prof. Sen
School of Business, Techno India SaltLake. 
Ex Professor IIM Calcutta.


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