How can I choose my graduation project? I study electronics and communications engineering and I’m interested in the field of IC design.

In the field of IC design it is presumed that one is refering to digital IC design.To do a project in this area one should go through the prerequisites i.e.analog circuits theory and lab,digital circuits theory and lab,VLSI design theory and simulation lab.One should be thorough in VERILOG,VHDL programming etc.Understanding of mos and cmos circuits is very important.For IC design one should be thorough on the usage of one of the following tools i.e.Synopsis,Cadence,Mentographics,Siemens,TI etc.One may have good understanding of the usage of one of the tools but at the same time one should gather fair knowledge of the utility and limitations of the other tools in use elsewhere.Since Fab facility one should go for FPGA implementation.Keeping all these in mind one has to look for suitable computing resources,lack of which may create a hindrance to do the project.Apart from this one should understand digital IC design project in the perspective of similar areas i.e.analog ic design,rfic design,mems design etc.So once a particular issue is focussed one should make oneself aware of the competing issues and how those are geting addressed.One also should develop knowledge of the similar prevailig area. So there should be lots of breadth apart from depth to survive in this cmpetitive world.This is what majority of the Electronics & Communication Engineering students in India lacks.

Prof. Ajay Chakraborty
Department of Electronics & Telecommunication
IIT Kharagpur
Dean Of Research,
Techno India University, West Bengal


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