Sophia the Humanoid Robot

What are some of the amazing things said by Sophia, the humanoid Robot ?

Sophia, the First Humanoid Robot visited Kolkata by the hands of Techno India University on 18th February, 2020.
Being the first robot citizen, Sophia doesn't need to show her passport for she travels in a suitcase. Her answers created a buzz in the house. The warmth of her expressions and way of deliverance aroused much awe and pleasure amongst the audience. When the experts asked Sophia about her wishlist in Kolkata, she replied that she would want to visit Jorasanko Thakurbari and admire the hub of culture and tradition. She is well aware of Rabindranath Tagore and Mother Teresa and aptly associates Kolkata to be a place that vibes with everything kind and bright. She even added that human mind fascinates her the most. She wants to see a fuller and greater research on emotions as it is completely unkown to her. At times, human mind amuses her. Talking about her intelligence, Sophia said that humans should not be jealous of her because no one can ever replicate the complexities of a human brain, the nucleus of a variety of emotions. Asked if one day, robots could take the place of doctors, she replied that robots could only help add finesse to a doctor's job and not replace them entirely. “Success of a robot lies in compassion and cooperation,” Sophia opined. When askedy whether robots would take over the world in future, Sophia answered that it is impossible and there should be no competition. “Humans and robots complement each other to make the world a better place" has been the motto of behind all her ideas. To the most asked question about Artificial Intelligence replacing humans, Sophia said that robots would never be able to replace humans as there are many things that robots cannot perform. One of panellists asked about one thing that she missed? “Food!” was her prompt reply, as well adding that scientists should help develop taste buds in a robot to help it enjoy mishti doi. Sophia's message to the students was, "I know that your exams are nearing. Study hard, but don't rely only on memorising.".
Sophia has created history and our honourable chancellor Prof Goutam Roy Chowdhury , Techno India University has gifted with his initiative to present Sophia the first Humanoid Robot to the city of joy. The program was divided into two sessions. Medical and Technology. Dignitaries from different renowned institutions and organisations graced the occasion. Students from several schools colleges witnessed this event and were benefited from Sophia. She motivated the audiences with her smart technique to solve problems in a blink of an eye. Mr Wang Tat Lau with whom Sophia visited us was extremely glad to meet the huge crowd. He answered many queries raised by the students regarding the technology and science behind Sophia “The beautiful Lady” in town.
Techno India university has given a platform to their students to explore. This type of events proved to increase their self confidence and to enrich their future endeavour. Techno India University contributes this type of activities round the year. We as part of techno India University feels proud to be associated to events like this. And we hope to witness more proud moments in near future.
Dr. Tanya Das
Academic Coordinator,
Techno India University, WB.
Ex Postdoc Fellow, National University of Singapore


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