Implementation of Genetic Algorithm in the Coming Era

Implementation of Genetic Algorithm in the Coming Era
Standard statistical methods have failed to completely analyse the abundant amount of information buried within various research data. Hence, metaheuristic algorithms are being developed and utilized for generating optimal solutions to complicated data assessment and meaningful results within a short time span. A major type of metaheuristic algorithm that is being used at presentin various sectors include genetic algorithm (GA) stirred by Mendel’s laws of inheritance. Similar to the evolution process, GA functions on numerous individuals (random solutions) and produce superior (more fit) solutions after merging improved properties (chromosomes) of existing individuals.
Genetic algorithm can be implemented largely in the coming age to unravel problems of annotation in genomics. GA can be used in gene finding, multiple alignment, disease risk modelling and prediction of promoter regions.New genetic algorithms are being constantly developed to predict novel protein structures. GA can be largely implemented for drug discovery purposes within a reasonable time. Currently, various open access resources can be availed by enthusiasts wanting to apply genetic algorithms in their own research area. The most widely used being the Genetic Algorithms Archive ( which is conserved by US Navy Centre for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence.
Utilisation of genetic algorithm has encouraging implications in several medical domains which include radiotherapy, cardiology, radiology, obstetrics, endocrinology, neurology, oncology, various infectious diseases and pharmacotherapy.Genetic algorithm has a great potency to be implemented in the automotive industry to fabricate composite materials like polymers as well as aerodynamic shapes for all means of transportation which also includes racing cars. Optimization of structural design by solving mathematical models using GA have an optimistic future in the coming age.  From financial forecasting to computer gaming genetic algorithm embraces a definitive and promising vision for the future era.

Dr. Avipsha Sarkar
Academic Coordinator,
Techno India University, West Bengal.


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